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Jiangsu Weiteli Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the Peking Opera master Mei Lanfang's hometown - Taizhou City, covers an area of 116000 square meters, construction area of 65000 square meters. The total assets of 389000000 yuan, the staff 660 people, including college education of 248 people.

Company's main products are: high / low speed electric vehicle drive motor series, pure electric buses and hybrid buses driving motor series, car steering pump motor, oil field of permanent magnet synchronous motor,wind blade machine, NEMA, IEC standard and efficient production ofstainless steel, cast iron, super efficient motor YE3 motor, YX3, servo motoretc.. All kinds of motor, an annual production capacity of 1200000 KW. The company has independent R & D institutions, automatic production line, as well as high precision testing instruments and equipment. The companytook the lead through the ISO9001 international quality system certification,ISO/TSI16949 in the domestic same industry (2009) quality system certification, CSA certification, UL certification, American CQC product certification, CCC safety certification, China quality energy-savingcertification, with import and export right. Company "VT" trademark was awarded the famous brand of Jiangsu Province, A Well-Known Trademark in China.

In 2007 in cooperation with Harbin Institute of Technology research,established the electrical engineering technology research center, the development of electric vehicle drive motors and industrialization project.Jiangsu province in 2008 to become the provincial technical center; in 2009 won the provincial new energy automobile motor test center; 2012 motor test chamber was USA CSA Certification Center recognized; in 2013 was awarded the "high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu province".

We have the greatest sincerity, look forward to working with you happy and successful cooperation!


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    Motors-Manufacturing Trading
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    The main products of the company includes NEMA, IEC stainless steel motor, cast iron motor ; Y and Y2 series 3-phase induction motors ;YD and YSK series air-conditioner fan motors, ;SW series central air-conditioner motors and fan motors assemblies; YH se
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